Sunday, May 15, 2011

Granite Confusion - Selecting a Stone Right For You

Selecting your granite slabs from bundles where every slab looks different or else quite similar to another granite with a different name can be confusing. Some popular granites have random wavy patterns while others will have a more uniform look. No two slabs are ever the same with many variances from one slab to the next even when cut from the same block. Most important is to choose a granite based on what you like and can live with as a central feature in your home. The grade as noted by the quality of finishing of the slab itself should be your foremost concern followed by the craftsmanship from your potential fabricator and installer, rather than proper name classification. More so because the stone industry suppliers and fabricators rename the stones to create an aura of exclusivity for the consumer and confusion for their competitors. Enjoy your natural stone!

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