Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why does my "Quartz Engineered" countertop lack that certain something?

If you are shopping for or have recently installed a "Quartz Engineered" stone countertop and are wondering why it does not have a similar translucent depth and brilliant gloss as natural granite, or if you are frustrated as to why the stonecare products only marginally improve its appearance, then read on... Granite has solid quartz crystals formed over millions of years which give it real depth as it reflects the colors of the minerals around each quartz crystal. Engineered stone (Quartz, as advertised) is a composite of pulverized quartz gravel and mineral powders with epoxy plastic adhesives and color pigments added. The coloring pigments added to the epoxy and the crushed quartz matrix cannot produce the same color and light magic that natural stone can since it is more opaque and flat in its grain structure. The processed quartz and epoxies cannot withstand the high heat temperatures that natural quartz found in granite can and as a result cannot achieve the similar degree of gloss. Instead, plastic maintenance products and techniques are to be used for this type of composite/epoxy engineered surface.

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