Sunday, May 15, 2011

So many Stones to choose from. Which is the best Granite for me??

Here are a few considerations when making that "Big Granite Decision" 
Start with a well lit granite slab, preferably outside in the daylight, with your wall & floor tile, cabinet door, and wall paint samples in hand(s). Placing these up against will give you the best vantage point to make a decision. Consider though that the slabs are standing up and your granite will be lying down once installed absorbing and reflecting all colors and light around it, differently at day and at night. Your main/accent lighting, the walls, backsplash, and the cabinet shadows produced by their form will also be factors. Usually, for dark cabinetry, go with as light of a granite color as you can stand. This tends to separate the cabinetry from the granite and features both more equally. If too similar it all becomes very monolithic in form. Since the countertops and floors are on the same horizontal plane too similar a color match will dominate the room. Matching accent colors in the granite with the floor might tie a floor and the rest of the room together more gracefully. Your wall paint should remain neutral and serve as a canvas to showcase the rest of the kitchen. Lastly, but not least of, consider the grain pattern flow (if any) of the granite since color/pattern combinations will be perceived differently over the whole kitchen landscape. Although the varieties may overwhelm and their differences seem significant at this stage, once installed and finished any granite within an acceptable range of colors will become liveable and appreciated as it ties all the elements together beautifully. Enjoy Your Granite!!

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